「鳳凰展翅」は中華料理の名前から取ったとのことですが、英語タイトルではそのニュアンスを表現するのが難しかったので、"Mounted Phoenix"としました。"mounted"は「剥製にされた」と「機械に据え付けられた」のダブルミーニングとなるようにしたつもりです。

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[The Mounted Phoenix]

Tokyo, A.D.2043.
21st century Dairanger rose up against resurrected Gorma tribe. But the youths raised in time of peace couldn't take on Gorma's fierce attack.
Hououranger had been the target for vengeance by Lipstick Songstress for 50 years. She was assaulted alone by Songstress with Evil Choir, stunned by the songs and finally got captured in Gorma Castle.

"Get her to tell the location of Dairanger's new base"
Colonel Gara ordered Songstress at a chamber in Castle.
"That is the purpose of catching alive. Never execute"
"But, colonel..."
"Don't rush so. You may use any means for extracting the information"
Gara said with a faint smile on her face. She knew what Lipstick Songstress demands for Hououranger.
"Yes, ma'am. I hanged that minx on the special machine. It's almost time for her to be well tamed"

Distress cry of Hououranger was echoing in the large basement. But that voice contained unusual tone, as compared with typical screams of pain.
"How long... How long will it last...!?"
Hououranger, keeping the shiny pink and white suit on, was held in a strange apparatus like a square arch. The arch had several holes on the inner side, and slim red tentacles came out from the each holes.
Her hands and legs were tied up to four tentacles tightly, so she was stretched in the air under the arch. The function of the tentacles was not only bondage. They wormed on the Hououranger's suit to persecute her by exceeding sensation.
The tool for injuring hououranger's Qi power arranged by Lipstick Songstress was sexual pleasure.

Too sweet aroma was creeping around the dimly lit room. It was aphrodisiac insence blended by Lipstick Songstress for Hououranger. The ingredients disturbed the Qi circulation in the organs, especially sexual glands. Therefore, Hououranger kept twisting in continuous lust of the flesh.

(To be continued)



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世界のLady Earringファン(いるの?)向けに何かやってみようかなとも思いますが、パワーレンジャーでの扱いは結構ぞんざいだったりするのでやろうにもどうかなって思いますw


>Lady Earringファン向けに